We aren't moving. . . Ever.

Today Sean said, "I think we need to figure out what we are going to do with the books and stuff in "Faith's" room." This room currently houses a crib, a dresser, a filing cabinet, a co-sleeper, and 2 bookshelves. At one point it also had a desk and 7 bins of art supplies.

I have a fantasy about buying 2 bookshelves with cabinets at the bottom, putting them on either side of our living room window and painting them the same color as our trim- so that in a magical world they will look like built-ins. But until there is a contract signed that says Sean will be employed at the end of August there just isn't any sense in buying bookshelves-even if they are cuter than the ones we have now.

The fact of the matter though, this lack of meeting my fantasy has left me unable to deal with the books in the office (future Faith's room) because I couldn't decide what our next steps should be. But Sean's impetus to do something about the situation afforded me a little more motivation. So today we decided that the big bookshelf (when we say bit we mean big! It's like 8 feet high, 7 shelves and VERY deep- thank you craigslist) should be painted white to match the trim and move downstairs into the living room. That way we don't have to buy anything but a can of paint. We also moved the smaller bookshelf (5 shelves) into the guest room.

So with this project just started Sean cleaned off all of the bookshelves and brought the books downstairs to just leave in boxes in the dining room. So he carried about 12 loads of books down the stairs. All this sorting out where furniture should live, wondering where it will look best, having unpacked boxes around the house, and renewed piles of things to take to goodwill reminds Sean and I- that moving sucks.

So we declare, on this the 14th of June that we will never move from our home. We will raise our child(ren)in this home and we will die here. We will not move out, thus forcing our child(ren) to be the ones to pack up all our things- put them in boxes and lug them elsewhere. But we will not.*

*There is very little possibility that this vow is actually sustainable. Considering my location of work and commute, the cost of housing in Seattle and the fact that we have no idea if our landlord would a. let us buy the house or b. let us live here forever. But damn it seems like a nice idea.


  1. Agreed. I hate moving. And we can't even say that most of the stuff in our house belongs to our house mates, because that would be a huge lie.

    Although. Having recently had to go through 50+ years of my grandparents' stuff makes me never want to leave that job to my descendants. What an awful task.


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