Gettin' Muddy

Some of my most favorite childhood memories are rainy days of playing in the yard or the big drainage ditch along the road. It was always fun to try to damn it up or to hunt for a piece of styrofoam to float from one side of the culvert to the other and try to beat it. This was no small feat for barefeet on a gravel driveway! I remember going around the yard and shaking all the small trees and getting rained on from their leaves.

So when Sean and I were in Illinois over the 4th of July it rained several inches one morning. As it wasn't a thunderstorm, we ventured outside. Gavin, my 2.5 year old nephew joined us as we turned the yard into a slip in slide. Then we turned the cornfield into one too. No wonder they are both so muddy!

I couldn't do much as I figured launching my body onto the ground wasn't the best thing for my body or "Faith's." I guess what was so fun about it though was just doing it with Sean- sharing with him some of the things I had fun with when I was a kid, sharing it with my nephew (who seemed a little stunned that we were tromping about in the mud) and of course imagining doing it with our little person.


  1. What a great picture -- and what spunk and spirit Sean has to get down and dirty with Gavin. Not just ANYONE would go mud sliding, you know!

  2. Oh, that's so cute! Sean is going to be the best dad.

  3. So cute!! <3 I love dads. (Good ones)


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