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Wow, on some level I feel like there are 3.5 millions things to write about. Body, baby, garden, work, food, travels etc. On the other hand, I haven't distilled enough thoughts to really conjure up a witty, clever or even thoughtful posting on any particular subject. Rather, I am just now finding a summer groove and writing about that isn't really so interesting. But let's see what I can put together.

After a week of travels around the midwest (family, conference, in-laws, more family) I arrived back in Seattle on Monday. For me, what a sight for sore eyes. 9 days away and sleeping on beds that enhanced my hip pain it was good to land at SeaTac and to drive up I-5 with the Seattle skyline in view.

Our house was and still is a mess but the mess is mostly in preparation for our little one in 4 weeks (or so). Hopefully soon enough we will have things at least in the right room. A bookshelf was primed and painted to match the trim (yay Sean) and yesterday we sucessfully brought it into the living room. Much of our theological library is now in the living room and that means that this baby might actually have a crib to sleep in before she arrives!

Our dog spent vacation (Sean came out to Illinois on Wednesday-Sunday) at a friends house on lake union. She survived the anxiety of fireworks. Poor pooch! Gratefully, I did not have to submit to any fireworks; as I hate loud noises fireworks are not my forte. Though summer vacation conjurs up images of lemonade, hot days, and boredom I think that's not quite true when you are 27 years old and 9 months pregnant. I have yet to encounter boredom as Sean and I are trying to set up appointments to visit pediatricians, getting ready for baby, writing prayers for athletes (and other such groups for work), taking parenting and birth classes, etc. Sure the pacing is different but the 65 degree weather just isn't inducing boredom.

Alright, the fetus is kicking, I am in need of a shower and hopefully a posting of something substantial will find it's way up here. I just needed to spill out some thoughts in order to move on.


  1. The hip pain is too vivid a memory... I saw a chiropractor at the end of my pregnancy, and I swear it helped (although not for very long). We're thinking about you guys like crazy! Hang in there.

  2. Welcome back home (do you feel this is "home" yet?). Hope you two, er -- three, are well. Time to get together?


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