Overbooked- already

Becoming Parents Program,
Big Belly Birth class
Interviewing Pediatricians
Dynacare lab for extra blood work
Touring the birth center

This is the list of all the appointments we have to get ready for this baby. This doesn't include things like actually going and purchasing the stroller people have so generously gotten for us or returning some stuff or scheduling a couple of the conversations that Sean and I just need to make time for.

Frankly it just seems a little bit crazy at how booked Sean and I are because of this baby. I can't help but wonder if it is a symptom of how children and parents lives are overbooked with things like little league, play group, swimming lessons etc. I mean,isn't this how it all get's started. Saying yes to being booked because that's how it seems like it "should be" or because someone mentions that you should take this class or do this thing. . .

Before you know it you have 7 appointments to go to all because of your fetus, and she can't even suck her thumb with much skill.


  1. Thinking of you. Give me a call to check in.


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