Legally married for over a year

So on July 3 Sean and I passed an anniversary of being legally married for over a year. We were legally married in Massachusetts- as an act of solidarity to our GLBT brothers and sisters.

So rights have we enjoyed from the legality of our marriage.

We can open each other's mail
Name change. My surname is now so much more complicated! (Doll O'Mahoney- no hyphen with a space)
We have shared with each other our end of life thoughts and hopes. We don't have to relay that to anyone else.
We lived together before we were actually married- but if anyone ever called us out on it we were going to tell them that we were already legally married so ha- But no one ever did.
We filed taxes together!
Shared social security benefits.
Received family rate for renter's insurance

Thankfully many other rights have not been an issue for us this year as they involve healthcare, benefits, visitors rights in prison and other legal issues. Huh, what are the rights we are so scared of giving GLBT couples though?


  1. I didn't realize you two were legally married in MA. That was a good idea.
    As a nation, we're still not there progress-wise, but it has been nice (not a great word...) in the last year or so to see some more of our states open up to recognize human rights.

    p.s. end-of-life stuff... did either of you write it down? i am so afraid steve will forget what i've told him, or vice-versa. or what if we go together? i could just dismiss it & say it's not a big deal, but to me it is...


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