Christian dissent against Halloween really?

Some Christians don't believe in Halloween. Dressing up like ghosts, or witches, toiling in black magic, or dressing like the dead are spooky and not only that they question the idea of eternal life or at least eternal salvation. I on the other hand think it's a wonderful mix of Christian preparation for All Saints Day (Nov. 1) and pagan ritual. Most of Christianity is a mix of the people's religion (what is often called pagan) and Christianity (think Christmas/Solstice Ash Wednesday/Fat Tuesday etc).

The reality is though that in the states (and my experience is that it IS different in Europe) Halloween isn't about dressing up as the dead. It's much more about dressing up as cultural icons, events or even objects. It seems to me that Christian dissent of Halloween is even stupider in the context of the US. If Halloween is anything it is a popular celebration of the arts- particularly drama. People dress up as characters and become someone else for awhile. This, in fact, should truly be celebrated as cultural playfulness more than anything else.

It seems like the thespians in all of us should delight in this holiday!


  1. Rachel,

    Junia's costume is SO CUTE! And so creative! I love it!

    Hope you all are well,
    Megan J.

  2. As always, you are so sensible! I was sort of down before Halloween because so many kids told me they don't celebrate it for religious reasons. One mother told me that "it invites the Devil into your child's head". I wanted to laugh and cry at the same time.

    I'm sure kids who don't celebrate Halloween grow up just fine. But it's such a fun's the only holiday really like that. It's a blast to dress up and pretend and eat candy.

    Junia makes an adorable fire hydrant! Hope you all had fun trick-or-treating!

  3. Are you kidding me? Are you KIDDING me!?! What an awesome costume! Junia looks so happy - and so do you and S. Happy Halloween, Doll-O'Mahoneys...miss you all!


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