ETSY pain. ETSY healing.

This summer I had my first etsy seller experience. I think that I posted something on this blog that I had sold something.

Let's be honest, it was a total flop! Someone bought it while we were on vacation and because I wasn't in a habit of selling things on etsy I didn't put my "store" on vacation. So by the time I realized someone had bought something the buyer was already pissed. I shipped it out as soon as I realized. BUT, I shipped a breakable cupcake stand via ups. It was very well packed it cost way more than I charged to ship it and it still is broke. So at this point it cost me a lot of money and the buyer was still pissed.

Ultimately, I refunded the cost of the item but not the cost of shipping, which sucks but the buyer hadn't paid extra for insurance so it seemed not too terrible to the buyer.

The worst of it, there was all this confusion about my online store being "shut down" and I had to resolve that all with the etsy company people. I was pretty embarrassed. I just stopped checking my account for a week or 2. I just couldn't handle it; it was strangely emotional for me. Today I realize the buyer gave me negative feedback. I'm a little saddened by that, but frankly, I cannot blame them. It went badly, and if I were the buyer I'd be pissed too.

Then last week out of the blue I sold a bonnet. I shipped it the next day. Nice! And last night made 2 new ones. I might be healed.


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