What to do with printed paper?

The sad reality of working in an office is the constant drafts, over prints, the 3rd page of a document that you don't need the third page of, and the leftover meeting agendea that you don't need after the meeting.

Recycling is always a great idea -just make sure you buy things made of recycled paper- but another option. Find a child. Get that child some crayons, pens, wahtever. And give them the box of paper.

Seriously. I have no intention of ever buying white paper for my little person. Why does she need both sides of it to be clean. When I was a kid, we had an uncle who used to work in an office; it wasn't until 6th grade or so that I ever saw an entirely blank peice of paper. When I look at paper now I usually look at hte sides of the page with words on it, or I consider that the front of the paper. That, however, is a new thing in my life. As a child that was the back, and the blank side was just waiting for crayons.

I hope (and presume) that a lot of families are already doing this. If so, you are brilliant.


  1. Yes! In college, we'd go around pulling down the brightly colored flyers for past events and reuse the paper. Our flyers would always be multicolored and so fun. We use one-sided paper for almost all our printing at home. We had a renter have his lease questioned as unauthentic because it was printed on the back of some other document. :-)


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