A Twist on Apple Butter

I've only really come to love the apple in adulthood. For someone whose extended family ran an apple orchard its kinda sad really. I think that as a child I was duped by the red delicious. I bought the misconception that apples are always perfectly red and I sadly believed that delicious meant delicious. I am no longer so foolish.

But anyway, today S and I made applebutter during J's morning nap. We used a recipe from a book that gave us some delicious nectarine butter. In addition to apples it called for cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg and ginger; unfortunately we didn't have any ginger hand, and we had already been to the grocery store 4 times in two days. So rather than using ginger I used some ground caradamom. So now our Apple Butter has a nice sort of chai flavor in it. It's delicious. Really.


  1. This sounds great! Would you mind sharing the recipe? We just went apple picking and I have about 15 pounds of apples. I made a crisp today, and would so much rather have apple butter than sauce. Also - do you have any canning tips? It makes me nervous and you're such a pro!


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