The Weekend ahead.

It is a giant pain in the ass to prepare to travel with S and J. I've got my own drama as well, "where's my khaki skirt, where's my navy dress?" Nonetheless we are off for a bit of, what we hope will be, vacation.

S has to work in San Diego on Saturday. He has to sit before a board of collegues and get grilled on all of his struggles, issues, strengths, growing edges etc., after that he might be allowed to supervise students in his field. If not he has 6 months to work on his stuff and come before the committee again. I think S will do great, but the fact of the matter is they don't accept A LOT of people...who knows. We might have a kind of rough weekend or a long leisurely one.

We are staying in the area until Tuesday. I'm pretty pumped. I've never been to southern california; and even though we've had some sun around here lately I am looking forward to another bout of summer.

One of the things that I love about S is the way he travels. First, he reads incessently about the place....he learns the most random facts. Second, he plans all the places we will eat. Third, He locates a farmers market that we will go to. Fourth, we arrive and he starts spewing facts. Fifth, we eat really well. Six, he muses about farmers markets. Seven, he relaxes into a place and for a brief moment calls it home.

It's that last small moment that is my favorite.

Any travels up your alley lately readers? I hope so!

BTW: I found my camera. Hopefully I'll start reposting pictures someday!


  1. Have fun!! Sean is so amazing. I'm so glad you found your camera! xo

  2. I'm thinking of you guys this weekend -- and I enjoyed being the beneficiary of Sean's travel style in Vancouver very much!


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