San Diego and Borrego Springs adventures

S passed his CPE Candidacy interview!!! This means that he will begin supervising students and in two years will have to go through the ringer again. It also means we have a couple more trips to San Diego up our sleeve.

So while the rest of America seems to be going apple picking and going to pumpkin patches and such we went to the beach and the California desert to sit in the sun and get really hot. One of us even threw up in the car twice (your guess!) Our hotels weren't amazing or anything, and frankly, I wasn't that impressed with SanDiego but Borrego springs, the desert, was beautiful and the house we rented was perfect! The stars at night were unbelievable and the silence of the place was just stark!

We had several attempts at Mexican food- and frankly- I was utterly unimpressed with SanDiego's version of mexican foods. S did read somewhere that, "despite it being so close to Mexico, San Diego doesn't really have good mexican food options." Honestly, the mexican food is better in Yakima, Wa. It was pretty disappointing. I was jonesing for some carnitas!

But, we had a good time, enjoyed the sun and loved our time together as a family, and in the end we were glad to be back home.


  1. Great picture of you and J in front of the water! I emailed you about me coming WITH YOU guys... but never heard back. What's the deal with THAT?!?!? ;-)


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