Feb. 10: I love what is happening in Egypt

I haven't been able to devour news the way I would like. NPR, my favorite source of news, is often replaced by versions of "Polly-Wolly Doodle" and with 2 sick days this week and chaos at work I have been barely skimming the headlines. I have probably still been following closer than your average bear.

I am moved by the men and women gathering together, praying together, chanting together, making funny signs together and standing up for themselves- together. I know that their are complexities with American foreign policy. I understand the political tensions and complications that come up, as Egypt is our strongest Arab ally. But truly, it is moving and me, as an American, who was brainwashed with our American history fighting against the opressive British is cheering, is Hoping and dreaming for Egyptians (and Tunisians alike).

I am inspired. Moved. Hopeful.

Here is a link to the NYTIMES photos


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