Feb 14: I love pigtails

My title is not true. I have a sensitive scalp, always have, so pigtails make my scalp hurt. But my girl looks so darn cute with pigtails. Which means I"m getting more ambivalent about them. Really, this title should be, "I love my little person." Different than my baby or my toddler. Sure she is kind of both of those things but little girl is creeping in more and more every day. The pigtails make her look older. I also love this shirt...whipped up over a couple of days....with a lot of mistakes...but she doesn't mind.

They say that at this age kids thrive on routine. I think at this age, it's also nice for us (the parents) to rely on the routine as well.


  1. I love pigtails and my missy is in the 11 zone. So the pigtails are lower and more sophisticated (sometimes) but there's a hint of childhood pixie with them and I love it.
    I too like the routine and then, the break from routine.
    Enjoyed stopping by.


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