Winter doldrums

Okay, so I know that we aren't covered in snow or anything but I am still kind of sick of winter. It feels like there is this long haul between Christmas and July and I need something exciting inbetween. We have enough subtle signs of spring around here that it doesn't feel that far away. Buds are on the some of the trees, the days are actually getting longer, and around here we are having sunny days- a reminder of the wonderful permanance of Seattle's summer sunshine.

But really, we are still only in February, and at the beginning to say the least! Sad as it is to say, our winter might not be brutal but it goes until June so that sucks.

So what are you doing to be in this winter? What project, what mantras, what kind of things are keeping your spirit going? Tell me! Your wisdom would be nice!


  1. Ugh. I wish I could say that I rise above it gracefully but, mostly, I fall flat on my face (literally and figuratively!). We are just buried under so much snow here that I'm starting to feel like things will never thaw out.

    Here's what (sorta) helps me:

    1) Do not obsess about weather. I think West Coasters may be better about this an East Coasters. Everyone wants to kvetch about the weather, worry about, watch it, wring their hands over it. If I stay away from that, I have an easier time accepting the season.

    2) I often repeat: "There is a season for everything". This is the season for cold and snow and winter. One of the things I appreciate most is the cycle of seasons during the year. The dark winter is a part of that cycle and deserves its own place and recognition.

    That's all I got!

  2. I have no winter doldrum advice. I am sinking into the depths of winter despair as the snow piles grow higher and higher and we continue to have -15 or so wind chills in the mornings. This is when I wonder why the heck I live in Minnesota!

    Okay, now that I have that out of my system, I am so glad you stopped by Young Ones and I am equally as excited to have you join us for I Love! Can I add you to our list? Shall I list you with a name, or your Blogger name... One and Doll (so cute!)?



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