Feb. 7: I love sewing

I've sewn Junia 3 different articles of clothing in 2 days. To think that less than a year ago I confessed on this blog that I didn't know how to sew. It is surely one of my most reliable forms of creative outlets. A fair amount of evenings when Junia goes down S and I clean up dinner then I sit down at my sewing machine and he picks up his guitar. We are so quaint sometimes.

The funny thing is though, that this posting acutally came about because as I sew all I can think about is the steps that I hate while sewing. I hate putting thread on a bobbin, because I hate threading the machine ( I know it isn't that hard I just don't like it). I hate threading elastic through a waistband or neck band. It is the bane of sewing for me. I hate it when patterns use language for seamstresses and not for normal people. I hate it when I can't find the scissors.

What I love about sewing?

Finishing. I am a finisher. I am not a woman of half completed projects. I am a woman of half-assed but fully completed projects. I was the student who declared papers finished because I could not handle it anymore. That is how I sew; the delight is that even a homemade (but half-assed) outfit is still cuter than your average bear (and if it isn't you know WAY before the finale and you can dump it along the way!)


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