Feb 8: I love my baker

We currently have 3 different leavening balls of dough in our fridge. One is a future pizza crust, one is a whole wheat sandwich bread and the other...I'm not sure what the other one is.

I'm not quite sure what S is thinking but my baker man is going at it. We have realized over the past 6 months or so that as my sewing habit has taken off that S's own creative habit is cooking and espeically baking. I love that he is finding his own creative outlet, even more remarkably, is that he is blogging about it: http://leavenseattle.blogspot.com/. He could use a little motivation so if you get a chance become a follower or leave him a comment.

Anyway, I really love having freshly baked bread around our house and additionally love that it captures one of the small ways that we try to bust out of gender rolls (a nice pun I think!). And I love that if you give Junia a bowl of white stuff either flour, baking soda, sugar, crack, whatever...she will spread it on the counter and wipe her hands with it. That girl is ready for some kneading!


  1. Yum. Nothing like fresh bread! Enjoy!

  2. I really liked your "I love" blog today. Keep on busting out of those gender roles you two!


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