Duvet Cover project

I've been wanting to make a duvet cover since I started sewing. My sewing teacher, however, dreamed a bigger dream for me and challenged me to make clothing first. I guess most duvet covers are just 2 sheets sewn together.

For my birthday (September 7) I was given a gift certificate to this stellar fabric store in Portland, OR. Sean and I went together to get some fabric and while we were there decided that we could get some more fabrics and I could do a patchwork quilt. We got several yards of coordinating fabrics and I followed this pattern as my guide. I had to modify it to my own amounts of fabric and stuff...so the pattern I made looked like this.

It was a lot of math for my math-challenged brain. I also realized after cutting the right panel that I was going to need at least 1 yard of another fabric. I headed to Pacific Fabric and Crafts Outlet store in SoDo (southdowntown). I knew i didn't want to spend much money as I had already bought a lot of nice fabrics. I found two perfect prints for $8 a yard. Not a steal. But a good deal.

Since we use a duvet and duvet cover on our bed we don't use flat sheets. So I took the coordinating flat sheet for our softest fitted sheet and put it on the underside. The hardest part of this was cutting such large sections of fabric. It was hard for me to measure and cut and measure and cut. Once I started sewing though, it went together VERY quickly. I guess that's the nature of sewing straight lines.

We now have the most cozy duvet cover ever! I am hoping to make some coordinating pillows soon!

Picture of the duvet cover...forthcoming!


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