Half Ashed

The pictures for this blog are the pictures that come up when you google image search "Kiss my Ashes"

It's Ash Wednesday. I know I already posted an Ash Wednesday reflection last week. But I have to work tonight and my 7:30pm appointment didn't show up. So I've got a bit more free time on my end than usual.

Ash Wednesday inspires me to make "Ash" jokes.

"Kiss my Ash"

Yeah- right- really horrible kind of jokes. Good thing I didn't give up swearing for Lent. I think this would count.

Last year we didn't really do Ash Wednesday. When you aren't sleeping church, (espeically not a holy day of obligation) doesn't make the cake. Honestly, most of holy days of obligation I don't feel to obligated to.

What do you do for lent or what are you doing? Lent, for me, doesn't have the glamour of Advent. I find it theologically more complicated...it's wrapped up in sin and failings...it's wrapped up in death and Jesus on the cross. There's Jesus' humanity and Christ's divinity all coming together to make a very theologically complicated and diversely interpreted season.

46 days between now and Easter.

I don't know how to bring lent home or make it palatable for children. I don't really know what I want from lent or how to enter into it myself. I certianly don't know how to hold social justice and direct service in my life right now (I know I know the prophets are so damn right aren't they!)

We talked about what what our "Lenten Practice" will be. We are doing the same thing, trying not to do too much, and as with Advent we purchased a sourcebook. They are these awesome books that Liturgy Training Publications puts out with various reflections from short to long traditional to contemporary etc. We are incorporating those into our mealtime prayers.

Anyone else have a meaningful way to bring Lent home?


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