$5 for $30

Photo from Mood Fabrics Website

Right after Easter Beloved and I are sneaking away to LA! We are leaving the Chickadee with her grandparents, or rather they are coming up to our place. Either way we are headed to LA.

Why LA? Let's be honest. S and I are not LA people. But neither of us have been there. It is warm. It is sunny. It has beaches. It is cheap to get there. And, there are many fun things to do without a child. Beleive it or not you can't really take a toddler to an art museum. LA also has a fashion district which means they have fabric stores. I was pretty pumped about this already but today the LA groupon was $30 worth of fabric for $15 at MOOD Fabrics LA. Then Groupon LA sent me a "you are new to groupon deal" with $10 free. So I got a coupon for $30 of fabric for $5. Yipee!


  1. Pick out all your purchases in 30 minutes or less and pretend you are on Project Runway! "Thank you MOOD!"

  2. re your groupon: A.W.E.S.O.M.E!


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