Rough spot...

Why has it been a week since I've blogged?

We are over being sick. Or atleast enough over it to experience a new blast of illness. This one isn't quite so bad just lots of tissues and a lot of exhaustion. If I were reading this I would think the writer was pregnant- lousy immune system, very tired, kind of disoriented.

I'm not pregnant.

My spirit though is very low and my energy for my family has been in a funk. I just haven't had much patience for both of my people and my dog. One or the other has been fine but not both, and I know that ipod playing inside my head is not really helping me find a peaceful space to be in.

Tomarrow though, I don't have to work except a couple hours in the afternoon. Wonderful! S is going to work. J is going to daycare (the most ambivalent thing in the world is taking your kid to daycare and) I am staying at home (or going to a coffee shop or a bookstore or a park) and taking alone time for myself. I wonder if that is part of all of this.


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