I dropped Junia of at daycare and went back to bed. From 9-12. That's right. I slept, in the middle of the day 3 hours. Alleluia.

Today, my planned day of alone time, actually involved a sick partner who shared a long nap with me. He headed to the doctor and I finished up a duvet cover I've been working on for months. It's imperfect, a tad small, but awesome!

Then, because we are having guests this weekend, we picked up the house, had grilled cheese sandwhiches and ran and errand. By then it was off to work.

Now, I feel ready for a day of alone time. I feel rested, a bit accomplished, and my space is clean(ish).

Oh well, it wasn't a day of journaling, writing, reading, wandering. But it was a day of adult interaction, quiet, and rest. Not to shabby I say.


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