Camera found! Projects underway!

Finally, the camera was found in Junia's "church bag." The bag of random toys and books that she only plays with once a week at church, that way they stay fun because they are rarely seen.

Anyway, that means I snapped some photos of things going on today. I wish I could say this past week, but work has been lousy and busy. Lots and lots of extroverted performance(y) things. So to be honest, even if I had the camera this week I don't remember what I would have taken pictures of.

So here is a duvet cover I am working on. Twin size, theme alphabet and numbers. I'm planning to sell it on etsy.

These are the pieces that I hope to make into another duvet cover this week. The theme being case you could't tell.

And, despite the clouds and cool weather the garden keeps on growing. The birds however, keep eating. I need to put some ribbons around to distract them. They ate our first round of broccoli!


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