18 hours and 48 minutes.

What tempereture means summer to you?

How warm does it need to be to be called a summer day.

If you say 75. Then in Seattle we've only had 18 hours and 48 minutes of it.

If you are more like a 80 degrees kind of person. We are talking 78 minutes.
That's right. 78 freakin' minutes.

We'll I don't think today topped 75 or 80 but the sun was warm and we decided to savor every moment of it. So we opened the baby pool. And someone in our family loved it. There were meltdowns every time she had to get out.

Who knew you could have so much fun in 6" of water.

Ah yes, someone who finds fun in everything would know that.

And this, what is summer without a popsicle!?


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