Hobbies and Garden Update

4th week of June Garden...

We came back from a trip with a very dry garden. I realized right before I left that things needed watered, but I didn't have time to get to it. So before I walked in the house I started watering things.

So it must mean that Summer has come to Seattle. Seattle, despite the mythology, is gloriously dry, sunny and mild during summer months. In fact, grass dies, the sun shines incessantly, and people leave there offices and spend a lot more time lounging around. It is wonderful!

For my job I meet frequently with engaged couples. Recently I was talking with a couple about hobbies. I realized that one of the wonderful things about not being a student is the freedom to have a hobby and spend time with it. Sewing and gardening are hobbies for me, but moreover they are thigns in my life that I think about, fantasize about, plan for, and draw joy from.

So what are your hobbies?
What about them are you drawing joy from?

The garden is looking pretty good too. A couple failures like peas, cucumbers, cauliflower and Brussels sprouts are worth noting and not a single seed sprouted in carrot or spinach land but that's how things go sometimes.

I planted two rows of Swiss chard only to have them demolished by aphids. Next year I need some ladybugs if that is the direction I go.

I have a couple thriving stragglers from the Swiss chard and a lot of other stuff is taking off.


The kale looks great and once something starting tearing through some of the leaves I poured our coffee grounds around the plants. This seems to have helped.


After the cauliflower and Swiss chard died I looked through my seed bin and realized I had some squash seeds and a new open space. The birds, I suspect, had been eating the seeds of other things. I strung together some plastic bags to keep them away. It did the trick and I've got a mound of summer squash, delecata and acorn that are about to take off.

Walla Walla Onions

I don't quite know what is going on underground with those onions but they are finally growing. Walla Walla are so sweet so I am really looking forward to it!


The broccoli is having a heyday and I am glad for it. After several sessions of me on my knees wiping the aphids off the back they are looking gorgeous. Last years garden broccoli was amazing. I'm looking forward to it.

Green Beans

Pole beans again this year folks! Because pole beans keep producing beans even after they get picked once they are much better than bush beans. The only problem is that Sean doesn't even really like green beans. Does anyone have any amazing green bean recipes!?


We did corn 2 years ago and it didn't go so well. The corn was gross and moldy. In a new part of the garden I thought I would try again.

Tomatoes and Basil

Lined up against the warm wall I am keeping my fingers crossed for a hot summer so that we can have tomatoes with some to can even! What a treat that would be. Tomatoes love heat so in Seattle they can sometimes end up being a waste of space.


You need two bushes to have a go of it, but even though they had berries this year I picked the off, hoping that the bushes do most of their work this summer underground.

Other things:

Fennel, lettuce, spinach...all look great and I'm excited to have such an abundant garden. What gratitude to eat what is coming from our clay and glass filled soil!


  1. I am kind of in love with the cardboard playhouse y'all built. :)

  2. I must say the playhouse is pretty cool. And the garden looks great!

    As far as hobbies, I love photography. When I photograph I feel that I'm doing something that comes naturally and that brings me joy. With other things, I'm less confident about my abilities. Thus my creativity is thwarted.

  3. I noticed the playhouse as well! Great fun for Junia!

    I admire those that can garden and sew. Those are not my gifts. Oh, the stories I could tell.

    Instead, my gifts lean toward music making and baking. I'm a "measurer", not a "dumper", so baking is ideal for me. R, you dream of your seeds and sprouting little plants -- I dream of chocolate and peanut butter, butter cake and lemon curd, or honoring my mother by making her famous Boston Baked Beans or one of her 70's type casseroles.

    We all have our thing I guess. If we all baked, there wouldn't be salads!


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