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In high school and for awhile in college I was uber sentimental. I sort of grew out of it, or for me I got secure enough to grow out of it. But still, the 4th child in me laments that there aren't many pictures of me or stories about my babyhood. I think my parents were so bombarded by children that they just didn't remember who went with what stories.

Sadly the couple that remain are embarassing. Let's just say I was as emotional a child as I am an adult...without the tools to really deal with those emotions.

This is all just leading up to the point of this post is to tell you about Junia's baby book. Of course she's an only child so she has attention, our memories, tons of picture etc. But our lives are still crazy and I don't want to sit down an scrapbook her life. Nor do I want to have to fill out a series of questions that may or may not be important to me.

What clothes did you come home wearing?
What did you eat at your first christmas?
What Brand of Diaper did you wear?

You know questions like that. I just don't care, and I don't want someone else saying what should be important.

I do want her to know when she got teeth, started crawling, what her cute phrases were, you know some little tokens that mean/meant something to Sean and I.

This book has been perfect. Once a month or even once every couple of months Sean and I write down some random quips about what Junia has been doing, what's going on in our lives, what is hard that kind of thing. The pages are unlined, simple, and perfect for our style.


  1. THanks for the inspiration, friend! I literally went straight on amazon and bought three, one for each kiddo.


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