Finally something good on our streets! Free Plants!

No work today.
No paid work today.

But a lovely day with Junia indeed. Our major outing included a long walk to the grocery store with Junia walking much of the way in her lovely gold shoes. We made a thorough list before hand and did a good job only buying a couple things that weren't on the list (Crackers, mayo, grapes, and extra yogurt to be exact). It was such fun to walk with her,

"What's this."

"A trashcan"

"More trash."

"We will see."

"What's this."

"A fence."

"More fence."

"I'm sure we will see more fences."

"What's this."

"A retaining wall."


"yup here's another made out of rocks."

You get the picture. Curiosity, curiosity, curiosity! I like going her pace when I can. It's really lovely.

On our way back Junia was in the stroller, the stroller bottom was packed with the heavy stuff. The produce was in a backpack on my back and the dry goods (oats, grains etc) were balanced on the stroller handlebars, and the faithful dog was as good as ever.

And then I saw it, "free raspberries" sign with plants all around. Yipee! Except that my loads is feeling pretty heavy at this point and I can't get them now. When I finally got back to the house Junia was asleep. So I had to wait for hours and hours...(2 maybe) fearing that someone might have been as excited as me and had free arms or worse yet a car! Yikes!!!

Hours later, when Sean came home (early!) I rushed up. And they were still there.
I'm delighted.

Now where in the garden should they go. That's the now question!


  1. How wonderful! I have been wanting to plant some raspberry bushes here, and free ones are always the best! I grew up with a huge raspberry patch at my mom's house - every evening in the summer & fall (two crops!) we'd go out and pick a pint or two. Eat some, freeze some, make jam out of some. My mom would cover them when it frosted and we'd have fresh raspberries into October!


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