Travels to Central Washington and back again.

We love weekend adventures in the summer. It is pretty much how we do relaxation and travel.

I know that the rest of the northern hemisphere has been slow roasting this summer, but the Pacific Northwest has been downright chilly. Highs in the upper 60's, cloudy, general yuck. It's been so miserable I'm starting to wish that it were 104 degrees with 93% humidity. Okay, not a lot. But at moments.

In addition to the lousy weather S and I have had kind of stressful weeks. My work has involved a lot of extroversion and his a lot of...everything...and all of it personal. So this weekend we decided to cross the cascades (the mountains to the east of Seattle) and head into the high desert of Washington where it's sunny 300 days of the year.

We went to a train museum, because Junia is into trains, and well, so is Sean!

For some reason, people don't talk about how beautiful rural Washington is, and even if it isn't as culturally rich as Seattle the landscape is amazing! And the Mexican food is as good as Mexico (courtesy of the immigrant community in the Yakima valley). And the produce is unreal. So of course, we bought 16lbs of Rainier, Bing and Pie Cherries for 1.50lb. Yeah. That's right! We went to Thompson U-Pick farm. It was good. They were really chill about us having Maggie with us and all the different types of Cherry Trees were mixed up together. Kind of nice to just wander the orchard.

After the trains and Cherries we went to a winery, bought a bottle of wine and sat in the grass for two hours. It was glorious. Wineries are amazingly child-friendly. Something we keep in our back pocket!

On our way back we drove through Chinook Pass (rather than Snoqualmie) it was so beautiful! Mind blowingly beautiful!

And the best part? Junia slept for most of it!


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