Applepicking, Applesauce and breaking the family rule.

We went to Portland this weekend. I'm not sure the exact reason, except that on Thursday evening the idea just appealed to both S and I.  Our friends Liz and Mike were free and off we went.  Saturday AM we met up with them and went apple picking.  No we didn't go on a hayride or walk through a maze or pick large orange squash we just picked apples! Probably about two bushels.

We had a quick lunch and then spent the afternoon chatting and making applesauce- okay we also did a bit of childcare (mostly Sean), burned a batch of apples, lost some jars, found some jars, enjoyed some guacamole, and went on a very funny walk around the block.

The pace was slow, easy and, if you know me you know I enjoyed the productivity part that went with that. Espeically since finding my productivity groove lately has been a real challenge for me.  Perhaps the most groundbreaking of all things that happened this weekend was that I added cinnamon to the applesauce. This is of the great offenses in Doll's Orchard Applesauce makers!  Cinnamon is the great ruiner of applesauce.  Well, I'm over it.  Just because my beloved Father and his father didn't like cinnamon doesn't mean I don't have to.

Well, more than 12 quarts later the delicious stuff should get us through the winter.


  1. It was so good to see you, friends. I just finished turning the plums we picked into jam. I'll save a jar for the next time you're down (or we're up)!

  2. I love home made apple sauce! We have actually added red hots into apple sauce we make and it is super yummy!

    Hopefully you will not be shunned at your next family gathering once they hear that you have tainted the family recipe. I applaud you for stepping out.


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