Ministry to/with GLBT friends

I don't talk about work a lot on this blog.  It just doesn't always seem like a great idea, but sometimes things are going in ways that intersect my personal life.  Last week, was a week of exciting and meaningful ministry for me.  I thought I would share...

Last week at work I hosted an event by hosting a gay catholic priest theologian to give a lecture and answer questions.  I had spoken with him several times over the summer and then was able to welcome him, introduce him and had the pleasure of attending the lecture and Q&A session.  We had an unbelievable number of people in attendance.  The questions were of tremendous quality and depth!  It was great!  He was  funny and interesting, faithful to the nature of grace but pushing the tradition to accept science. 

Sorry Jesus is so white on this cross, it drives me nuts too.
Then, later last week was my first session with a small group that is exploring sexuality and spirituality and how they intersect in our lives.   Many of the issues that are likely to come up have to do with sexual orientation and the spiritual struggles that underly some of that.

One of the ways that I see my own ministry coming into fruition here is that I am slowly starting to begin conversations with GLBT people who often assume that ministers want nothing to do with them, or that their issues are beyond the scope of ministry. When in fact, many GLBT people suffer tremendously at the hands of church leaders and I, as a minister, want to listen, support, and fight against the oppression with my GLBT brothers and sisters. Understandably though there is high level of mistrust that circles around.

All in all, I am feeling tremendous growth within my ministry in terms of the people I am forming relationships with but also in the ways that I am growing and being challenged.   What an exciting time.


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