Summer 2011 Garden officially done.

I'm pretty sure I haven't done any real gardening since mid-August.  On good weeks I've ventured out to pick veggies and stuff but I haven't really taken care of anything.  I've been too distracted by work and too exhausted in my body.

But as of yesterday the tomatoes have been uprooted, the squash has been picked off the vines and the vines sent to the compost bin, the corn that never did anything has been removed and things are looking cleared off.

Sadly though, when the rain sets in in Seattle, the grass grows again. So yesterday Sean, Junia and I ventured outside to bale our grass.  Okay, Sean weedwacked the whole thing and I pulled up plants and picked squash. A lot of our fall veggies look great- the arugula is delicious, the brusell sprouts are likely to do something, the chard is abundant and the kale- is a prolific as it has been all summer.  It's fun to be closing up parts of the garden and putting some compost on them for the winter while other parts are still producing.  Honestly, things still look like a garden not like last winters dead patch.

On of the highlights of this years garden has been artichokes!  We grew two artichoke plants and one of them produced three artichokes. We wouldn't have bought them from the store, but they made seriously delicious snacks!  What a treat!

Well, that's the jist of our summer garden. Hopefully, we have have some updates this winter as well!


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