The week after vacation.

Does anyone else find that the week following vacation is desperately long.  It has been Friday in my head since Wednesday.   Now that it is finally friday I'm not sure what I'll do with myself!

It is brutal to come back from vacation.  With minimial groceries and no plans (that and two tragic events at work) our meals have been scraped together at take out places and freezer leftovers.

I also had to work 2 night and Sean 1 night.  So that means we haven't actually had an evening together as a family since vacation.  No wonder we needed it so badly.

Have I shared here how bad daycare drop off has been lately.  Yes. Just brutal. Junia has been screaming like a monster.  The last two days were less bad than the previous three weeks so hopefully we are on the better end of this.  But, it never ceases to be heartbreaking.  And when she says, "Mama, go home play, no work." It breaks my heart.  Except, I keep saying to her, (because its true) I like my work Junia.  And, I am a more patient and engaged Mama because I go to work sometimes.  And that is so true.

So this, is one of those posts with no point...or maybe with 5 different points.  And somehow, that seems right for how our week has been.


  1. *I* find coming back from vacations wicked stressful -- and I am only responsible for myself!

    So sorry to hear about tragedies at work. Thinking of you.


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