Going deeper and finding community

Okay, I know this is going to shock you all, but sometimes in parentland playground talk drives me bonkers. You know, hanging out with other parents and kids discussing our kids.  Never discussing our perspectives on current events or deeper beliefs and only if you are very comfortable or with another edgy parent you might be honest about the ways that your kid is going nuts.  But, that is at least on topic of kids.

Don't get me wrong, I like talking about Junia. I like sharing ideas about things and getting perspectives on parenthood, kids, tools, tips.  But then, like all things I get maxed out.

To be honest, in the three years since Sean and I moved here, we have found ourselves, at times, a bit lonely.  We have each had pretty good community at work, but have struggled to build community in our personal life, faith life, home life, family life.  In Boston, we knew a lot of people.  Here, that wasn't the case.  And, even though having a child lands you with a set of people and a shared topic it sure isn't very fulfilling sometimes!

But now, I am happy to report, that things have been slowly changing for us.  Last winter an acquiantance from church started a faith sharing group and several of the people who also go to that faith sharing group have turned into friends, and are even in a similar place in life as us.

We recently become really good friends with neighbors (who also go to our church) who live just a block from us.  They have a kid Junia's age and we've been swapping meals, a lot!  About once a week one family will host a meal for the other family. It has been a great way to share some responsibility, and also have some quality friendship time for the friends and kids alike!

Last, night I went to a Mama's faith sharing group for the first time.  It was a lovely gathering of 12 women. A handful that I knew and most I did not.  This gathering of mostly Catholic women with young children felt so quality.  We shared, laughed, and sort of hashed out what our vision of the group we would like.  All in all, it felt rich.   And, I left feeling deeply grateful for some of the gifts in our life and at the very least the health of our families.

It seems like we have also just had more and more chances to join people for shared meals, invite others into our home and, little by little we are finding our home here.


  1. This is so great. I am starting to feel like we're establishing some good friendships here too. Maybe it just takes 3-5 years when you don't have the ready-made community of college?


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