Being in Mexico.

I am having some thoughts while here in Ensenada Mexico.  They are not orderly, scholarly, or even well thought out.

1. I feel safe.  I'm not suprised, but people kept giving us warnings or funny looks that we were going to Mexico.  Orlando is way more dangerous than Ensenada Mexico.

2. Guacamole from fresh avacados how I love you.

3. There is too much talk in the US about Mexicans as "other." As I haven't traveled as much internationally in my late twenties as in my early I have been slowly brainwashed by US media and the treatment of Mexicans as "other."  Some conversation around US policy and their impact on Mexican economic development and a nice reminder that most people a. don't leave Mexico and b. don't want to leave their homes even when they feel like they have to.

4. Junia's blonde hair is a radical novelty in the world.

5. How can we make ore of life more like vacation?  Quiet, stillness, love making, eating good (cheap) food, book reading, listening to music that pleases, and laughter from all of us as we run through the ocean.

Still enjoying. So much. But not taking very many pictures.  I just want to be present.


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