Counting down- Advent Calendar

This year our Advent calendar is an old soda bottle box.  I bought it on for 15.00 with 8.00 shipping. I figured with 4 rows with 6 slots in each row it will work for most years.  After all, we don't really get advent stuff together until a bit after Advent already starts...

Last year I made one that was very functional- felt with a pocket for each day.  But it was lacking in aesthetic qualities. It was kind of ugly and boring.  The year before we tried babyfood jars.  The lid was nailed to a board but the lids kept coming off the board, the jars were everywhere and it just didn't work.  The year before was cups with paper glued to the top and then you "punched" them open.  But this years pepsi box is working great.

How i made it:

Cut paper to size of square holes. Glue to the top or side to create a "door." Wrap up each of our nativity figurines and some bells in purple paper and cloth set them inside the doors once they have dried.  Finally, I painted a number on each of the doors to keep track.


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