What I hope for. Advent 2011

Sean got me a camera for Christmas.  One that is supposed to be very durable.   He is giving it to me early so I can take pictures.  It is amazing how much not having pictures impacts my desire to blog.

But, I am ready to get back on the blogwagon.  I am also very much into Advent this year (starting 4 Sundays before Christmas). So up until Christmas I'm going to try to post some Advent reflections as a way of getting back into my group.

Things I hope for
  • That whatever the childcare/work situation becomes next year that I can type a reflection a year from now about how good it feels.
  • 2 dear friends of ours can swoon over their babies when they are born.
  • To call teach my little one about racism, sexism, homopobia and a trillion other isms and the micro-agressions all over her world- so that she can spot them.
  • To become a person more centered on love.
  • To grow in particular relationship that really sucks right now.

I started a list of hopes for the word and quickly became overhwelmed by it.  So I changed it to be a list of places I hope for more love
  • Love of each other
  • Love of uniqueness
  • Less bullshitty love for colonial systems, powers, peoples
  • Love for the natural world and our own animal-ness

That's my start. 
What are some of the things you put your hope-energy toward?


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