Vocation to parenthood- and no support.

My vocation is marriage and also parenthood (not that everyone whose married is called to parenthood).

If you aren't catholic you might not realize how much energy our catholic leaders (namely bishops and priests) are putting into praying for and supporting our vocations.  That is our vocations to celibate ordained priesthood.  The Tablet, a Catholic newspaper out of the UK, printed yesterday a story about the workload of priests in light of fewer and fewer priests.  They also put out an article about a bishop who claims that parents have failed to pass down Christian teaching to our children (church leaders take credit- parents take the blame).

For the past two nights Junia has been sick.  Awake almost hourly without any ability to put herself back to sleep.  She has been struggling with a cough and is just in poor spirits.  In the midst of this Sean and I both end up awake (its not like you can just say I'll sit here and listen to her cry you sleep.).  It sucks.  We are exhausted, grumpy, and trying our darndest to be good to our girl and good to some houseguests that we have in town this weekend.

In the meantime I'm 20 weeks pregnant. Sean is juggling a ton of leadership at work and we trying to minister to our communities- as this is our profession as well as vocation.

I am feeling pretty pissed at the world of priests griping our their workload. The homilies they have write, the wedding they have to preside at, the liturgical commissions they lead.  If our church really believed that parenthood was vocation there would be support. No just church teaching but real support.

So you reader will you brainstorm with me- What would that real- authentic support look like in an institution as large and powerful as the Catholic church?


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