'Tis the season for craftiness- or not!

That is unless you are 4 months pregnant and spent all of fall being too tired to scratch your nose and are just now coming out of this state only to discover that your adorable toddler has turned into a nay-saying, tantrum throwing, danger causing independent little monster.

And so all this means that you spent your months of Christmas inspiration trying to survive and are now spending the month of Christmas trying not to murder. 

So what this means is that our Christmas spending has leaned too heavily on this month. Our Christmas creativity has been mostly limited to some cookies and making wrapping paper and being survivors. 

Maybe its all the crafty/creative blogs I read of people who have more time and patience than I do.  Or it's that they all write about their sucess and not their failure.  Perhaps it is that I really like Pinterest- which is, like many things on the internet, both inspiring and deadening.  Or maybe its that we haven't had a single magical snow day in Seattle and that somehow snow days equal creativity.   Or even more, it's because we haven't had a weekend off together (and at home) since the middle of November.

So, I guess this is my attempt at creating excuses.  But maybe some reader out their needs to know that they aren't alone.  Christmas is the season for crafter guilt.


  1. Ever notice how most of the craft blogs are stay-at-home moms (not meant to be condescending, just real)? Even with no kids and no pregnancy, I don't feel like I have the time or energy to craft like they do. Some days, I am so jealous...

  2. Totally- there is apparently a whole mormon mom blog phenomenon.

    If I stayed at home crafting,creating would be part of my sanity...but working means that sometimes my sanity centers around eating and sleeping and well...picking up toys!

  3. YES! I had the same conversation with someone (can't remember who) the other day about the Mormon phenomenon with craft blogging.


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