Making salt dough ornaments nearly complete...

Our salt dough ornaments have been painted, and now some have been glittered and even placed on the Christmas tree.

Glittery salt dough snowflake

Toddler painted heart ornament
Last night we did glue and glitter together while Sean tackled a gross project in the basement.  I was pretty restrictive with the glitter using what had fallen off other ornaments to sprinkle on other ones.  Because, you know once you have unleashed glitter in your life their is no turning back.  You will be finding sparkles forever.

Then this morning while finishing up a tulle tutu for Junia I forgot that she didn't have the same agenda with glitter as I did.

Two glitter containers, newly opened the night before were spread all over the dining room.  Well now sparkles are everywhere but a funnel and a vacuum did the heavy work.  And Junia's newest ornaments are pretty fun!


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