Papa, I found it!

This is S...

We have had 24 hours of wailing and gnashing of teeth.

So late last night I realized that my cell phone and work keys were both lost. I need to be reached by my students at all hours of the night.  So it's a tad more than inconvenient to lose my phone.  I kinda...freaked out.   I made two different pajama'd trips to the car. . .I looked in various asundry of bags. I discussed all the points of my day that I interacted with my phone.

It was nowhere to be found.

I used Rachel's phone to call my students and tell them how to get a hold of me.
And I went to bed grumpy.

Then after work I realized my work keys were not on my office and not hiding in Rachel's work bag.  So now my phone and my work keys are missing.  Work keys. You know the kind of keys that you get when you have responsibility. The kind of keys you get when you are going into places that are supposed to be locked.

We came home.  I canceled cooking dinner and started  turning upside down the whole house, looking under beds, behind cushions, twice going through the recycling and car.  I double checked every place Rachel told me she looked.  We put Junia on the hunt.  I looked everywhere.  And then, I gave up.  R did her best to tell me its ok, you're human.  She did the "what's the worst possible outcome?" game.  And talked me off the ledge.

Right at the moment when I finally let go Junia picked her doll up from the stroller and picked up the jingle of keys, "Papa, I found it!" holding my work keys.

and my phone.

 Turns out our little person had stashed they keys and phone in her play stroller yesterday after her fun adventure sorting through baskets on our bookshelf.  Yeah, you found it J--you lost it too--but you found it.  We laughed.  More deeply and freely than we usually laugh.

 This evening went from anxiety-filled and frustrating to wonderful and ridiculous in a flash.  I wouldn't choose this evening again. But there is something that is such gift about it too.


  1. My parents still tell the story of being totally out of money when I was 2 -- I mean, $0 in the bank and no way to buy food out of money -- and entirely unable to figure out where all the money had gone... they were panicking and trying to figure out how they could come up with money until my father's next paycheck, and I kept saying "I got money! I got money!" Finally, to make me stop repeating that, they said, "OK, Bridge. Show us your money." ...and I pulled handfuls of $20s out of the basket of my tricycle. I had apparently just been picking up all the cash they left out.

  2. You are such a good writer Sean. Glad everything turned up :)


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