Home sweet home.

Does anyone else think that waiting to close on a house is like having a baby. Waiting. Waiting. Waiting.

Well, we closed! We are homeowners! We have a space that is ours! Yipee.  Today, I was over there pulling out nails taking down curtains and shades and such and it was amazing to not feel watched. I have gotten so very used to being watched!

So here are the pictures I snapped last night.

Our very own fruit trees. Autumn should determine what they are!  We are taking submissions for clever names... (are there any famous groups of 6?)

We unloaded the truck and were off to get some fried chicken from the grocery store for our very first family picnic at the house!

Our living room! That red wall has got to go!

Kidlandia- as we are calling it!

The girls room.

Seriously. Task #1 remove those horrible shelves.  And the windows are the perfect height for Miriam to stand and look out!

Kitchen. Dated but so many cabinets for us!

So that's about all. Our first order of business is deciding on paint colors and taking down curtains! Yikes.


  1. Love the trees! Looks like a great house and piece of land. As for groups of six....how about Friends characters or chess pieces?

  2. Congratulations! Have fun redecorating!


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