Moving Day!

This move isn't so much about packing and getting everything in order, it is more like, "Hey toss that in the pick-up and we'll take it over."  Which is to say this is NUTS!

The new house isn't quite live in ready by some standards. But we can handle some sub-floor right? (Does that make Maggie a sub-woofer?)  Next weekend Sean's parents are coming to help us put in some new floors. Until then we will be pulling staples out of the plywood. Yipee!

But alas, we are physically exausted. Emotionally exhausted and so so ready to be in the new house. We have so much joy and energy being there and frankly, it looks so so lovely for us!  Pictures will hopefully be coming soon, but I am using a borrowed camera and the wire to connect is packed away. Oh boy.

Anyway, before and after pictures are coming because who doesn't love a good before and after shot?!

Wish us luck.
Say a prayer.
We are on our way out.

(Well except for the fact that we will have to come back and clean and know how that all goes!)


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