When your hesitant child is bold!

Yesterday, we went to Ikea.
Two of our major marital fights have happened at Ikea.  Seriously, I once left an Ikea on a hunger strike. Yeah. That is funny now.

We didn't fight though. It went fine. The tension went up sometimes. I had to remember to let Sean have opinions and to listen to them!

But I am not posting to write about Ikea. Ikea was what it was.

But we asked Junia if she wanted to go into the kids play area (you know where you leave your kid and shop).  She said no at first and then changed her mind.  My hesitant little girl melted by heart! She was so afraid and so bold, she decided that her desire for fun was stronger than her fear and she did it!  It was amazing.

As she was going in and we were leaving I must have sighed and Sean said, "She will be okay."
"I know, I just feel so proud of her."

When you have a child who is hesitant, shy, or just likes to take things in for awhile before she goes into something it is amazing to see her work through those feelings and be bold.

Wow. I love her.
She was also hesitant- and conquered her fear this spring at Buddy's house.


  1. She's changing so much as she grows up -- in so MANY ways. You are great parents to those girls. Love you!

  2. As the mother of a both hesitant and bold child, I totally relate to your feelings! Way to go, Junia!

  3. yay Junia! I have a hestitant child and im still waiting for him to be bold. You are giving me some hope.


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