Home sweet home.

We said goodbye to the old place.  We did so with a toast and some sparkling wine.
Last night (after laying flooring for 9 hours) we rushed over to the rental place and frantically cleaned.  When we loaded the last bits into the car and put our damp sweaty selves into our car we took a moment and prayed.  We prayed for the privelege of buying a house, of getting out of lousy situations, we prayed for our landlord, we prayed for future tenants, and prayed that we can hold onto enough memory of this situation to enable us to minister well to those in similar places.
And we are done.
It is good.

Now the flooring.
So M, Sean's Dad, came to help lay flooring and A, Sean's Mom, came to watch the kids. They got here Thursday and we got started.  It took . . .a . . . long . . .time. . . to. . .find. . . the rythm. Seriously, after a day and a half we had 1 room done and another room maybe a quarter done. Yikes. So much for doing the play room, dining room, living room, kitchen, hallway and bathroom all in one shot.  Not. Going. To. Happen. (not this weekend).

But after a bunch of hard hard work yesterday we got the play room, dining room, living room done. Phew. Thankfully those are the only rooms that had the flooring ripped up too. So if we don't get to things soon we are okay.

Anyway, the flooring is in. It is beautiful. It looks so nice. It's not perfect, but it looks great and we can live on it, clean it, easily and enjoy.


  1. Congratulations!!! And good luck with the flooring - what a huge task! Hooray for family to come help out!


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