Just stuff.

My beloved blue camera is on her way home.  I left it at a winery a couple of weeks ago. Whoops.  They are sending it back to me.  http://www.twomountainwinery.com/intro.html  My MIL has let me borrow one of hers (thanks Anne!)   But, I've been missing it. It takes great photos. Funny how we get attached to things.

Another kudos to my in-laws, they are driving to our place as we speak to help put in laminate hardwoods. I am so so so so ready to get them in. Living on plywood is making me a bit crazy. We either need to paint it or get something else down.

How do people live in the middle of remodels for long?
They must be better people than I am.

Anyway, I'm not sure What I am doing blogging about almost nothing.
I think I should eat something. I forgot to eat today.
I always do that when I am home with the girls.


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