The stuff of DIY

We are moved, but I haven't taken a single picture of things yet.

It is crazy. We aren't even in permanent mode because we are putting in flooring this weekend and that means that we are going to have to move a bunch of things.  That also means we are living on subfloor.  I have pulled thousands upon thousands of staples out of the floor.  There are still thousands that remain- we also have many tack strips to still remove.

So here is my 5 things I've learned about DIY stuff so far:
1. Taking out carpet is the easiest part of taking out carpet.
2. Painting brick sucks. Having someone who is coming to help out for the afternoon do it is better.
3. Pink is a good color for walls.
4. If this is nuts, redoing a kitchen my be seriously nuts.
5. Sean is very good at edging the top.

I'll post before and after pictures because, who doesn't love those...

And here, is the drawer full of outlet covers and assundry of other things!

(The computer won't let me turn this picture??!!!) but it kinda goes with the chaos of wine bottles and caulk and a bin of screws and a bin of nails I pulled out of the flooring and crackers and clorox.  Yup. That's what this is like!

Junia is helping out by adding the outlet covers. The next day we took off the covers and painted the wall.  But  in a house with nothing Miriam was all over those mysterious holes!

A wall waiting for Sean's touch.  No, those are not t wo different shades of  yellow.

Painting Jeans!

Check out the gorgeous hardwood!  This is a preview to the  wall- this used to be  red  brick- tada- doesn't it look gorgeous?!


  1. I have a weird love of pulling carpet staples--seriously, it is one of my favorite activities. I REALLY wish I could help you do that!

  2. I really wish you were here to help too. And..that is wierd. And awesome. I confess there is some strange satisfaction in it!


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