Cafe Passim and Labor Music

This is Sean (again! I guess I'm getting into this blog thing)

One of the other bright spots from our labor was music--listening to music we love, like the mix we made for our wedding, playing records, but also learning about new music at a particularly difficult time. Saturday afternoon was draining--we were both tired and Rachel was working really hard--and our midwife Jen had an ipod with her, so we decided to put on some new music to get some variety.

So by random chance of their names, these three artists were played over and over that day, and are so part of my imagination of the support and challenge of labor, the support of our midwife and doula, and of Junia coming. Here's links to some favorite songs by each of them for you to enjoy:

The Weepies (otherwise mistaken by me as the woosies)

Star Anna


One other cool story: Apparently the Weepies met during a concert one of them played at Cafe Passim, a small folk club in Cambridge, and have since fallen in love, gotten married, moved to the West Coast, and had a baby! We've done those things too! (except no awesome music) Rachel and my first official date was to Cafe Passim, where I had always wanted to go for a concert--I planned it and unfortunately the music wasn't great but the company was amazing, and there is something beautiful and spiritual for us that during the labor for the birth of our daughter the music we randomly ended up with was from a couple that met at Club Passim.


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