Gardening Wrap Up

Well it might actually be a little to early in the fall to do a summer garden wrap up- but we are starting to get more rain and more cloudy days so I think summer in Seattle might almost be over.

How our garden grew. ..

Well our sweet corn didn't do so hot. I am thinking that because so much of Seattle is sunny dry and sometimes even cool heat it doesn't work well for corn. We probably got about 10 ears of corn (so far with another 6 on the way) but the ears were less than attractive and we ended up mostly cutting the corn off of the ear to use it.

Our little tomatoes rocked out! They were our earliest tomatoes in the ground, they got a great amount of sun. They are still producing wonderfully and we have an abundance of cherry tomatoes and little yellow tomatoes. Our big boy tomatoes got in the ground a little later and I'll be surprised if they still produce. As of right now we have only had 1 tomato make it to ripe! Any ideas for green tomatoes? The cool thing is that all of our tomatoes were grown from seed- from seed is cheaper than buying plants and frankly I think the quality was as good!

Our other most successful plant is the green beans! Though the are pretty much just ordinary green beans (I mean how good can they be?) they have grown amazingly well. In fact, we have an abundance of green beans which I just blanched this morning and put in the freezer. So hopefully we'll have greenbeans this winter. In fact, I planted several rows of greenbeans and there is still 2 more rows where the beans need about a week. So we might end up with greenbeans enough for the whole winter!

I had some carrot seeds so I tossed in a couple rows in behind the corn and between the tomatoes. Honestly, I was pretty skeptical as our soil is fairly rocky. The carrots still need some time but they are growing really well, tasting really yummy, and not too crooked from the rocks. I'm looking forward to harvesting them.

I put squash in in at the beginning of August. It's flowering nicely right now but I don't think they'll get enough sun to amount to much. Whoops. I might end up just harvesting the blossoms and we'll eat those on salads or all fried up. But we'll see.

Our zucchini had a rough go, as it was planted in the heat of the summer. But to my surprise I just harvested 2 zucs this morning. They look beautiful! We'll see how many other zucs we get.

A couple surprises:

Things I learned:

I should write down when I plant things- learn from next year.
We grew almost all herbs in pots. I actually think taking a hunk of the garden for basil, cilantro, parsley etc would be better. I was already watering the garden. If our herbs were in the garden they would have grown better because they would have gotten watered more consistently.


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