Where is God

Junia is still feeling a little disoriented in the world so her life is full of freaking out. Since she is pretty limited in her methods of freaking out that means she is crying. There are moments when her crying makes me want to throw her out the window or leave her at the neighbors door; there are other moments when I hear her freaking out cry and I have complete compassion for how disorienting it must be to be her.

In these moments, and honestly in the moments of challenge, I can't help but think that this is an aspect of humanness that I have rarely encountered before and then also an aspect of the personality of God that I have never known before (for I believe that our experiences are somehow connected with the personality of God). The intensity of the moment, the challenge of responding to an utterly defenseless creature who is simultaneously concerning me for her wellbeing and driving me to insanity, and the challenge of falling in love with a person who draws these pretty negative qualities is quite absurd, and really totally human but in a way that I think must be pretty unique to situations where you care caring for those with no coping skills.

So I think that each aspect of our person hood somehow reflects Gods relationship with us. So without having formed a solid theological opinion, without being sure of where I am wondering here or what God might be feeling. I'll just leave it with the question I'm asking myself. . . where is God in all of this?


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