Camera, carrots, canning

Let's be honest, my camera cord disappearing threw me off and now my camera has sat on the kitchen table next to the 3 books I took a picture of on Tuesday. But, how do you capture pictures of stress, of being busy, or of just feeling like output all spent up. In the picture that captures this I see:
Urban street, dark clothing, hundreds of feet, faces looking down.

What I have actually been seeing:
Messy desk, trail mix jar emptying quickly, pumping not happening very often, coffee being slurped all day.

On a fun note. My pressure cooker is getting use. A very good coupon got 5lbs of free carrots at the grocery store on sunday. Since we mostly eat carrots in soups I canned them to be added to soups later this year. I am also pickling some and making 2 quarts with some sweet stuff...I'll let you know how they turn out.


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