A delightfully fun, wonderfully cheap, amazingly simple date!

About a month ago S. won tickets to the Seattle Food and Wine show. This day long event (1-5) features wines from all over the northwest and northern California and regional foods and resturants ta boot!

About a week ago a work collegue dropped in my office, "when do I get to watch Junia again." Aha, "Have I got the perfect afternoon for her." So with little hassle we had a babysitter, an event, and with S. mixing up his work schedule we had the freedom. So today we had ourselves a date.

It's funny be without Junia. To realize strangers are seeing you as you once were but are no more. As we wandered, held hands, shared our little food bits, sampled from the same wine glasses, and found ourselves kissing periodically I can't imagine anyone thought we have a child, a dog, a giant pile of laundry, and that we go to bed before 8:00 on most nights. After all isn't it those that are just newly in love who act that way?

But wait. Perhaps I have been misjudging the rest of the universe. Perhaps all these wonderfully in love people I see who are actually expressing their love to one another are not newly in love but are married with babies and babysitters. Perhaps they are all on dates and I never new.


  1. WE MISSED JUNIA THIS MORNING! Glad to hear you guys got a date...you know who to ask when you need another :) P.S. your blog's content is magical and speaks directly to me in so many ways...just another reason I consider you my role model.


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